Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Goal of CSK dynamics

We usually treat the spontaneous motion of CSK-bound beads as a random process. Could it also be viewed as goal-oriented behaviour ? Max Sajitz-Hermstein recently pointed out that the motion of whole cells with fractional superdiffusive MSD is interpreted by some researchers as an optimum foraging strategy.

On the other hand, the cell "thinks" of the bead as a substrate and excerts (power-law-correlated) forces onto this substrate, maybe in order to move itself along the opposite direction ?

It would be interesting to figure out the motion of a whole cell that results from the single stress fiber behaviour, as it was deduced from the bead diffusion measurements. We have to consider the effect of many stress fibers, probably acting independently from each other. Also the geometry is different. But with a broad distribution of the durations of the force pulses, there should indeed result a superdiffusive cell motion.

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