Tuesday, December 16, 2008

[1] Early New Year's Resolutions

OK,OK - I admit that I have neglected this blog recently. Actually, I was using a Wiki system (wikidot.com) instead for documenting some of my scientific work. It has a nice Latex feature preinstalled, allows uploads of arbitrary file types, and offers more flexibility in many respects.

However, I came to see that the simple chronological ordering of posts in a blog, combined with tagging, is not so bad afterall. You don't waste time in thinking about the best way to organize your wiki sites. In addition, as the use of Latex became more convenient now and one can upload files simply from an external FTP folder (see "Online Resources" at the top right of the blog), I decided to restart blogging.

So, as a kind of early New Year's resolutions, I promise to post regularly again from now on ...

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